Farm Activity & views

Brimpsfield Park has been farmed by the Larthe family for 54 years, and is on the edge of the Cotswold Escarpment nestling on the side of a gloriously deep valley. The 16th Century house, which is of historical importance, featuring in the Domesday Book and has always been the centre of the farming activities. It is constructed of mellow Cotswold stone and has a commanding view over the valley and beyond. Stretching out below the house are the two main lakes that have been used to aid drainage, the silt, which has been dredged from them, has been used to increase fertility on the land. This is also a sanctuary for nesting wildlife.

Elsewhere on the Estate are the remains of the Saxon Castle. Also on the boundary are the remains of a historically very important Norman Castle. The House itself has been constructed using Timbers from both Castle's.

The old kitchen, which is now the dining room, has a wonderful collection of beams from the Castle's. The old hooks that were used for hanging the hams and cheeses are still in the beams. It is said that a tunnel run's from the vaulted cellar in the house to the church. This was constructed during the period of Oliver Cromwell. The Saxon Church commands a serene view over the house and valley.

Brimpsfield Park is a family run farming estate that is blessed with a unique position and beauty. The energy and attention to detail that is given to every project is a credit to the staff that runs the Estate. Farming over the last twenty plus years has been through very turbulent times but the farming operation has adapted to these and continues to expand and thrive. The farm occasionally has houses and cottages for rent when they are surplus to the farming requirement

In November 2011a 50 kw generation unit came on line which now powers all the farm activities and the houses this has now made the whole farm self sufficient in the generation of electricity.